Let Imagination Grow

Dramatic play is a fantastic way for preschoolers to really synthesize the information they’ve been gathering throughout their experience with a theme or unit.  They naturally use new vocabulary words,… Read more »

Seed Snack Time!

While you’re exploring the topic of seeds, you might as well have yourself some fruit snacks.  No, not the gummy imitation of fruit my children try to count as one… Read more »

New Posts Coming Soon! Promise!

Ahh, Summer Vacation! It’s fantastic, but has turned our schedules upside down! Between family reunions, boys with bloody lips, and summer online classes, I’m struggling to get as much done… Read more »

Oh, We’re Going to the Store!

Photo provided by akaak19. Singing is a great way to promote language skills and phonemic awareness.  Oh, and it’s loads of fun!  Here’s a little ditty to go along with your… Read more »

Seeds of Thought

I was thinking recently about how much I enjoy teaching the topic of seeds and plants to preschoolers.  There’s something powerfully gratifying and awe-inspiring about awakening and cultivating life that attracts young… Read more »

I’m a Little Seed

You can never really have too many songs and fingerplays, can you?  So here’s another one that is kid-tested and approved!  Sing to the tune of “I’m a Little Teapot”…. Read more »

Birdseed Playdough

It seems like an obvious recipe, and indeed it is, but here’s a picture recipe in case it helps: Start with the Classic Playdough Recipe.   Add birdseeds (or your… Read more »

Book Activity: The Empty Pot

The Empty Pot, by Demi, is a great story of a Chinese emperor who seeks his replacement by giving all the young children in his empire a challenge to grow beautiful flowers… Read more »