Hot Lava Hop

Though few preschoolers have had any direct experience with hot lava, it is a phrase they seem to use frequently, and they all know hot lava should be avoided at… Read more »

We are the Dinosaurs

I love Laurie Berkner’smusic!  She is one of those artists who really knows music and really knows kids.  Her music is fun and I don’t find it patronizing or grating… Read more »

Lumpy Bumpy Dinosaur Scales

As you’re talking to your preschoolers about dinosaurs, it’s great to talk about what they might have looked like.  No one was around to see them, so no one knows… Read more »

The Best Books for Dinosaur Lovers!

I usually start out my lit list with some classic suggestions for incorporating nursery rhymes, fables, fairy tales, and the like, but I can’t think of any old standards involving dinosaurs.  If… Read more »

The Power of Choice

During the preschool years, children have a need to assert their independence.  Giving them choices when it’s feasible feeds that need, and can stock up points in an account of… Read more »

Seed Mosaics – Two Ways!

Because seeds come in such a wide array of colors, sizes and textures, they are great for creating mosaics and collages.  You may want to use a collection of seeds that… Read more »